Natalie Ballard

About Me

Hi, I’m an experienced designer and crafter with a professional design background from the UK. I have been crafting since I was 6 when I started making jewellery before expanding to papercrafting as we now know it in 1998 as a way to relax while studying for a BA(Hons) in Art with Combined Studies.

I started with rubber stamping after buying a set for my mom, and as with most things, I got to use them first! From then on things snowballed, with starting to do small one off commissions for friends, to supplying a local shop, to larger commissions, and finally to having sets of my cards bought wholesale. This has enabled me to gain a range of experience and wisdom in converting a hobby into a cottage industry.

My artistic style is influenced by vintage and eclectic styles, while retaining a paper engineering focus. I also have a keen interest in the use of technology in papercraft.

I also run my own graphic design and digital publishing business – Kissed Off Creations Ltd, which specialises in digital design and book publishing.

I live in the Midlands with my beloved husband, and we get frequently pounced on by my three step children aged 10,9 and 7. When I’m not working (or being pounced on), I love photography, reading and most of all dancing (which is handy as my husband is a dance teacher). More about me You can visit this page to view some of my art work!! You can visit this page if you would like to hire me to do any Design work.


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